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Dr. Samantha Jennings, DC passionate about delivering optimal care specific to each and every patient's case.

Dr. Samantha Jennings, DC is committed to being one of the best chiropractors on the planet. She believes you will notice that effort from the moment you walk through the doors.

You won’t find a more highly trained or more compassionate chiropractor than her. The quality of your results, as well as your overall experience is the top priority.


This commitment to patient care is the reason she is known as the #1 Reviewed and Recommended Chiropractor in San Jose, CA.

The main goal is to help you feel comfortable and to get better as quickly as possible.

Dr. Samantha Jennings, DC is a Board Certified Applied Kinesiologist. She specializes in various techniques such as:


Full-spine adjusting-Dr. Samantha Jennings typically utilizes a full-spine osseous adjusting technique in order to align the spine and to restore the most optimal functioning of the joints in the spine. In certain instances when osseous adjustments are not indicated but joint dysfunction is present, a tool called the Activator is utilized in order to apply gentle, specific pressure to the area needing to be restored. 


Extremity adjusting-Dr. Jennings is an extremities specialist. She closely examines problems of the shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, hips, legs, ankles, and feet. She has attended various trainings on extremity adjusting and is highly skilled in delivering relief to these joints in the body. 



Activator Technique-Dr. Jennings is skilled in utilizing an instrument-assisted handheld adjustment tool named the Activator. The Activator serves as an alternative to osseous adjusments and provides gentle pressure to the joint(s) needing to be restrored.

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)-This technique involves the patient's own body weight being elaborately placed upon blocks into the correct position for the patient's body to realign itself. It's a gentle, non-osseous form of adjustment that provides a great amount of relief to patient's with longterm back problems.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Correction-Dr. Jennings works to alleviate temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) in her patients that have jaw pain and/or clicking. Dr. Jennings analyzes the jaw's tracking pattern and acquired neurological patterns associated with the temporomandibular joint in order to correct the dysfunction. 

Personal Training-Dr. Samantha Jennings is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National College of Exercise Professionals. She is also certified in Super-Slow Motion training. Dr. Jennings appropriately delegates corrective exercises to patients, depending on their specific needs, in order to serve as an adjunct to chiropractic care.

Functional Movement Taping (FMT)- Dr. Jennings is a certified medical professional who has taken additional training in being able to correctly utilize taping techniques to better cue certain muscles to activate and stimulate proprioception. This technique is primarily utilized with athletes and those with acute injuries.

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