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What practice members are saying



"Dr. Jennings is really passionate about what she does and you can see it in her work. I had a really stiff body with some aches and she quickly diagnosed the problem and was able to fix it. I felt much better immediately afterwards."

-Vani R.  Dublin, CA




"Dr. Jennings is very professional with her application of treatments. Not only is she thorough with her technique, but she is also knowledgeable in nutrition. She has helped me fight with adrenal fatigue and several other parts that help with tiredness. She is very dedicated to her craft and has shown her passion time and again. She is a very honest, patient, and considerate doctor."

-Roland Q.  Mountain View, CA



"Dr. Jennings is very tentative. She definitely asks many questions about your well-being before working on you. My back and joints feels so much better after she worked on me. I would definitely make another appointment when I'm in town again."

-Diane L.  West Covina, CA

"I have received care from Dr. Samantha Jennings going on two years. Before my treatment I suffered from limited mobility especially in my shoulders and neck. I am now able to move freely without the pain. The gained mobility in my neck has tremendously helped with my migraines. Thanks to Dr. Jennings I now have my life back."

-Charity C.  Greenville, NC

“I have arthritis, stiffness on my knees, arms and hips; I would wake up with a lot of unbearable pain. Now, after regular care from Dr. Jennings I feel extremely better. I have more of a grip on my hands, more flexibility on my knees and wake up with less pain in the mornings. You never really realize how bad the pain really is until you start feeling better. Chiropractic has definitely helped tremendously! Dr. Jennings was very informative and cordial and I highly recommend her!”

- Carlos E.  Rodeo, CA

“Are you looking for an awesome chiropractor?  Dr. Samantha is, hands down, the best!  She is kind and dedicated to her patients - always going the extra mile to make sure they get the care they need.


When I first met her, I was nervous about getting adjusted and babbled on and on.  She took the time to listen and to get to know me.  This earned her my loyalty and my trust which is huge when you're allowing someone to crack your joints.    


During my first few months of treatment, I mentioned I had hired a personal trainer.  She asked me what exercises I was doing and wanted to make sure my form was perfect so I wouldn't aggravate my scoliosis.  Together, we improved my daily workout routine and I began feeling much better at home and at the gym.  


Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Samantha Jennings.  She'll help you help yourself achieve optimal spinal health!” 

-Lauren Y.  San Jose, CA

“I have been lucky enough to have Dr. Sam adjust me twice so far. During each session she made me feel extremely comfortable with the adjustments being made (even though having your neck cracked can make you somewhat nervous). She was also able to identify injuries I had suffered simply by testing out joints and their mobility. This kind of knowledge and expertise allowed me to trust her and gave me the ability to relax throughout each session.

After each session the changes in my posture and the subsequent reduction in my pain levels (from old injuries) was very noticeable. Having the alignment in my back, hips and shoulders corrected allowed me to see that the pain I thought I would simply have to deal with for the rest of life, could be lessened with chiropractic therapy. After especially the first session there was a noticeable increase in my quality of life

I will definitely continue seeing Dr. Sam for my adjustments because of the kind of trust and knowledge she imparts on her clients.”

-Carl R.  San Mateo, CA

“I came to Dr. Samantha Jennings because of my  ongoing struggle with migraines. For the past four years I have had migraines at least once a month. In between these occurrences I have frequent headaches. The pain effects my daily routine and even forces me to stop being active on my worst days. Since I came to Samantha Jennings for chiropractic treatment I have noticed a tremendous difference in the frequency of my migraines. My headaches have also become less painful and further apart. In addition, I feel her treatments have alleviated my stress and given me more flexibility in areas of my body I've never had before. Her professionalism and commitment to health is something every chiropractor should aspire to.”

-Heather S.  Sunnyvale, CA

“I was referred to Dr. Samantha to treat my chronic back pain. After a few months of treatment I’ve noticed that my back pain is practically gone now and my posture has been improved as well. Treatment with Samantha has improved the quality of my daily life now that I don't suffer from constant back pain from a bad night’s sleep or standing all day long.” 

-Steven F.  San Jose, CA

"Dr. Samantha met all my expectations and beyond when I went to her to adjust my back. I don't often get Chiropractic services because I tend to freak out a little, but she was very calm and talked me through every thing. It was definitely a great experience!"

-Arianne P. West Covina, CA

“Before coming to Dr. Jennings, I was suffering from constant pain. She'd been trying to convince me to try chiropractic treatment for a while and when I finally did I wished I'd done so sooner . Between the adjustments and her nutritional suggestions I feel like I've been able to regain my life . She's very personable and yet professional at the same time. Dr. Jennings has a gentle touch that will instantly ease the mind of anyone who is nervous about adjustments. She has a holistic approach to her treatments and that is only one of the myriad reasons that I enjoy every visit.”

-Missy C.  Boulder Creek, CA

“I've known Dr. Samantha for a few years now and have been receiving treatments from her since June of last year. I work as a carrier for the Post office and it puts a lot of strain on my back. She has relieved much of the pain and has made my job bearable again. She is passionate about what she does and I highly recommend seeing her.”

-Thor W.  San Jose, CA

“If you haven’t already heard me brag about her, here goes…..she’s an extremities specialist (which means she doesn’t only check your back but head to toes and your limbs), she’s not as rough as other chiros (had lots of practice on the elderly), knowledgeable and thorough." 

-Rosalynn D. West Covina, CA

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"Dr. Samantha did a great job. She fixed my problems within a couple of visits and have not had any issues since the adjustment. She is very attentive, warm, and genuinely cares about her patients health".

-Mike S. Palo Alto, CA

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