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Strengthening your core could help your low back pain

Do you have low back pain that seems constant and you have a hard time getting lasting relief? Have you been to chiropractor and/or physical therapist and received relief, but want the relieving effect to last longer? You may want to consider some core strengthening exercises!

Strengthening your core can provide more stability to your low back and can provide additional support to the structures in the region. Picture a house with a flimsy foundation and walls. Everytime the house felt a breeze of wind, the house would sway back and forth. The whole structure would be compromised if the foundation and surrounding walls weren't stable! Now, picture a house with a more sturdy foundation and walls. We know that with a sturdy, firm foundation and walls, it would take a lot more for the house to be unstable with just a breeze of the wind.

Similarly, this concept applies to the bones and it's surrounding muscular and ligamentous support for stability. Without a properly strengthened core, your low back may be compromised and every day actvities may exacerbate your condition further. That's why it's important to have a stable structure to work with in conjunction to your chiropractic care.

To get you started, the following easy-to-follow instructional videos will help you to get on track to strengthening that core so that you can get that lasting relief from your low back pain!

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